Game Nation™ is building the Next Generation of Theme Parks, based on experiential interactive entertainment. Live The Game™

You stand in line with your family - your friends - your clan. You're among many. Talks of strategies, goals and notoriety are all around you. What stands before you is a towering entrance, which calls to all and challenges your inner warrior. You know behind these walls there awaits a world filled with myths, legends and arenas all crying out for their champion. As you pass through the gates, you leave behind all worldly stereotypes. You’re now one of millions, all equal, separated only by your skill, wit, and achievements, which will be proven. Your experience points and score are recognized by the guardians of this domain. As players walk by, recruits are saluted and veterans are bowed down to. You are guided to the armory where you must select your weapon. You choose from majestic relics, whimsical hardware or advanced gear. Here your dreams and fantasies will come to life in adventures yet to be told.

You will become anything you like and live out the character you create. But this is no game. It’s real. Welcome to Game Nation!

Game Nation’s mission is to create a realistic experience that immerses you into a story. By combining video game mechanics with interactive physical themed attractions, we are creating the world’s first Experiential Video Game Theme Park and Resort. Visitors will become players as they step into a re-creation of worlds based on popular video games filled with myths, legends and arenas. Instead of just rides, you’re immersed in a world of total interactivity where, with everything you do, you earn a higher score, experience points and reputation. It is a place where your dreams and fantasies will come to life. You will be able to become anything you like and live out the character you create in the actual park.

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